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Testing in A2K IT Solutions

"Quality is not something you add like salt at the end, it must be baked in" In the process of creation of a successful software product, there is an inevitable problem of finding a balance between the quality and the release date of the software product. The testing allows of obtaining a product that satisfies all requirements. The correctly prepared testing process should provide a required quality level without exceeding project time and budget.

How A2K IT Solutions Solves Testing Challenges

Manual Labour Costs: A2K IT Solutions maintains that level of test automation over time for faster lifecycles and far lower costs. The labour required for each regression dropped drastically.

Complexity: For complex issues, "It works on my machine" becomes a common refrain from developers. A2K IT Solutions Test team provides a complete picture of the state of the transactions and workflow as the reported error occurred. Developers can quickly reproduce and resolve the defect or performance problem.

Change: The only thing constant in life is change. A2K IT Solutions Test team always deals with the unintended consequences of frequent updates at any level in SDLC. Running older automated test cases of complete application on regular basis.

How A2K IT Solutions Provides Testing Solutions:

  • Preparation of schedules at planning phase
  • Testing team identifies the application's higher-risk aspects, set priorities, and determines scope and limitations of tests
  • Automation Engineer maintains the code coverage of automated test cases above 75%. Benefits of Automation services are includes shrink test cycles, increase in software application quality,less time spent on regression etc.
  • Testing team works closely with your team to deliver a custom test strategy that best fits your organization's unique environment and testing needs

A2K IT Solutions's Working Model

  • OffShore Testing Service
  • On-Site Test Teams
  • Consulting